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HiCafe team has gathered the most comprehensive resources in 250+ lessons for learning and practicing English grammar from beginner to advanced levels. We also have organized grammar lessons into 7 levels plus two categories for pronouns and prepositions. The lessons provided in our English Grammar Skill program can be used for improving your English writing or preparing you for taking popular language exams like IELTS and TOEFL.

To make the most of our English Grammar Skill program, you should start with one grammar level and finish all its lessons, then proceed to the next level lessons. Should you need any assistance with your grammar quizzes or English writing, you can always use our Private English Tutoring services..


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Grammar Level 1

BeBe NegativeBe QuestionsNouns And PronounsThis That These ThoseTherePresent TenseQuestions Present TensePresent ContinuousPresent Continuous 2HaveArticlesPrepositionsThe Past TenseInformation QuestionsPossessive AdjectivesPossessive PronounsBe Past TenseBe Past Tense – Part 2 – There WasTime, Day, And DateMonthsCount And Noncount NounsDays Of The WeekNumbersAddition And SubtractionCanHave ToHave To Part 2WantWant Past TenseWould LikeNeedNeed Past TenseSingularPlural


Grammar Level 2

DoDo NotDo And DidCommandsDo QuestionsObject PronounsSpecial Uses For DoMany And MuchA Few And A LittleA Lot Some AnyFuture Tense WillFuture Tense Going ToLikeAdjectivesConjunctionsExpressions Of TimeInfinitivesGerundsPossessive PronounsReflexive PronounsMoneyReading NumbersMultiplication And DivisionUsed ToBe Used ToOpposite AdjectivesGo+verbVerb+prepositionWill BeDays On A Calendar


Grammar Level 3

Questions With DidHave Present And Past TenseThe Present PerfectPresent Perfect NegativePresent Perfect QuestionsComparativesSuperlativesPast ContinuousPast And Past ContinuousModal VerbsIdiomatic ModalsPerfect ModalsPresent Perfect ContinuousPerfect Modals ContinuousPast PerfectDirect And Indirect QuotationsPast And Perfect ContinuousPrepositional PhrasesThe Future ContinuousHeight And WeightAdverbsComparative AdverbsSuperlative AdverbsIntensifiersThe Future PerfectThe Eight Parts Of SpeechEnglish Verb TensesEnglish Verb Tenses Irregular VerbsNumber Noun AdjectiveMore Less Fewer


Grammar Level 4

Passive VoiceI Was BornPresent PassivePast PassiveFuture PassiveGet PassiveModal PassivePast Modal PassivePresent Cont PassivePast Continuous PassivePresent Perfect PassivePast Perfect PassiveInfinitives PassiveGerunds PassiveUnusual Uses Of Get And HaveMakePassive PracticeReview Continuous FormsReview Verb TensesBe UsedBe MadeBe CalledGet + Past ParticipleFrom Passive To Active VoiceUsing They Active VoiceStative Passive VerbsPassive Voice + Infinitive


Grammar Level 5



Grammar Level 6

Simple SentencesClauses And PhrasesCompound SentencesComplex SentencesCompound Complex SentencesNoun ClausesThat With ClausesAdjective ClausesAdverb ClausesSequence Of TenseReported SpeechFuture ConditionalPresent ConditionalPast ConditionalUsing WishSo And TooEither And NeitherStill And AnymoreTag QuestionsEmbedded QuestionsQuestion WordsQuestion Words + Have ToSubjunctive MoodAppositivesPunctuationSentence PatternsPrepositional PhrasesHaving Plus Past Participle


Grammar Level 7


Preposition Words

AboardAboutAboveAccording ToAcrossAfterAgainstAhead OfAlongAmidAmongAroundAs Far AsAtBecause OfBeforeBehindBehind InBelowBesideBetweenBeyondButByConcerningContrary ToDespiteDownDuringExceptForFromInIn Front OfInsideInstead OfIntoLikeNearNext ToOfOffOnOn Account OfOn BoardOn Top OfOntoOutOut OfOutsideOverPastPerPreposition ListRegardingSinceThroughThroughoutToToward And TowardsUnderUnderneathUntilUpUp ToUponViaWithWithinWithout


English Pronoun Words

You And IYou    I    HeSheItWeYou PluralTheyWhoEveryoneSomeoneAnyoneNo OneOne