Practice language with global learners

HiCafe offers virtual and physical events where users can practice English conversation with other global learners on curated discussion topics in small groups. In addition to practicing English conversation on App, HiCafe users can use its Private English Tutoring services.

English Conversation with Hicafe App

By using HiCafe App, you can join free discussion events and Practice English Conversation online or in-person and improve your verbal skills.

Learn English by Yourself

HiCafe website offers comprehensive resources for learning and improving your English skills in the areas of speaking, listening, and writing. We also provide our English learners with many articles covering speaking tips and English skills tips.

Learn English Grammar and Writing

We have written a series of articles that cover all essential English grammar topics for writing and conversation. Our self-study grammar contents are organized in 9 levels plus coverage of Prepositions and Pronouns. Our practical grammar lessons include many quizzes and review tests. Visit the link below to start your journey in mastering English grammar.

Practical English Grammar Step-by-Step Level 1

Learn English Speaking

To help you improve your speaking, we have created complete self-study articles from beginner to advanced level. Click here to start your first lesson. Also, to boost your vocabulary, we have written many articles covering the most practical idioms, proverbs, phrases and slang as well as words in English.

Learn English Listening

To be an active participant in a free discussion or an English conversation, you must improve your listening skills. To that end, we have created many self-study articles from beginner to advanced level. Click here to start your first listening lesson.