Privacy Policies

HiCafe and all services or features offered via domain, subdomains, and its mobile Apps, (or “we”, “our”, or “us” or collectively the “Company”) is committed to complying with all privacy laws and industry standards. This Privacy Policy spells out: (i) what type of information we collect from you, and (ii) how that information is used. Our Privacy Policy applies whenever you and the Company interact, whether online or otherwise.

We may, at our sole discretion, update this Privacy Policy from time to time with or without prior notifications. You should review our Privacy Policy periodically to update yourself on the most current version. Your purchase of credits, utilization of services, or any other transactions made with/from us constitutes your acceptance of the Privacy Policy in effect at the time of your interaction with our Company sites


I- How and When Do we Collect Private Personal Information?

While registering as new user, buying credits, rendering services, or executing other merchandise, we may collect and maintain certain private/personal information like WhatsApp number that will help us to efficiently verify and execute various transactions. Moreover, we may be required to share your personal information with other companies, third-parties, agent, or affiliated parties, (hereafter referred to as “Service Hosts”) by/through/within which our events, services, products, or offers are innovated, developed, extended, sold, or offered as part of our contractual relationship with them.

We do not gather personal information (such as names, addresses, email addresses or credit card numbers) about you, except when you specifically submit your information at your own volition. Your collectable personal information may be shared with us when you (without limitation):

  • Become a registered user/member of the Company website(s) or mobile Apps
  • Purchase credits, product(s), or any services offered in our site or mobile Apps
  • Sign-up, subscribe, or buy our special products or services that we may periodically offer
  • Participate in a special promotions, online forums, auctions, customers surveys, feedback, and other information/correspondences communicated to/from us


II- How and When Does the Company Utilize Private/ Personal Information?

The Company may use your personal information in several different ways.

  • Whenever you purchase a product or service or book an event in advance, the Company uses your personal information to finish the purchase transaction and to communicate with you on your order status, delivery or other inquiry.
  • Whenever you use, purchase, or execute our services, according to the contractual obligation, we may share your personal information with Service Hosts like a third party credit card processor to speed up completion of your transaction. The credit card processor may share the same information with your credit card issuer for the issuer’s use for collecting data related to the use of their cards, rewards programs, or other purposes. We encourage you to read and know the privacy policies governing the use of your credit cards. We cannot offer you the option to opt-out from having your information passed to the Service Hosts.
  • Service Hosts are not subject to the provisions of this Privacy Policy. That means they MAY utilize your personal information for other purposes beyond our control, unless you contact them directly and request otherwise. We encourage you to read and know the privacy policies set forth by our Service Hosts. YOU AGREE AND ACCEPT THAT WE ARE NOT LIABLE FOR ANY USE OF YOUR PERSONAL AND/OR PRIVATE INFORMATION BY SERVICE HOSTS. If you have particular preferences regarding use of your personal information by a Service Host, you must communicate your preferences directly to them.
  • When you browse our website(s) and/or mobile Apps, we may also collect certain information about the use of your computer or mobile App that we aggregate with similar information gathered from other visitor’s computers, which we incorporate for statistical and other purposes (see “Aggregate Information” described in Section IV below).
  • Finally, we may occasionally contact you, typically by email or WhatsApp, to notify you of information pertinent to your transaction accuracy, event cancellations, order errors, order fulfillments, and/or upcoming product(s), service(s) that might interest you. If you are not interested in receiving email or WhatsApp notices or advertisement(s) from us, you can opt-out at any time.


III- How Long Is Your Personal Information Kept?

If you are a registered member of our website or mobile Apps, we may keep your information as long as you maintain your registered status. If you purchase credits, product(s), services, or other merchandise using a credit card or other payment methods, we will retain your credit card information for both current and possible future transactions, including refunds and charge backs. We may infrequently purge our computer system of information relating to viewers of our website and their past transactions.


IV- What Is “Aggregate Information” and Why it’s used?

Typically, as viewers surf our website or mobile Apps, our computers automatically gather information on how certain features of our website or mobile Apps are used, where our viewers are contacting us from, and how many people view our website or mobile Apps, at any given time. We only use this information in the aggregate, that is, we elicit statistical insights from all gathered information which is referred to as “Aggregate Information”. Aggregate Information includes, without limitation: your computer’s or mobile App (i) Internet browser type (e.g., Microsoft Internet Explorer 6), (ii) IP address, (iii) resolution settings, (iv) platform type, and (v) initiating URLs of referring web pages. We also utilize Aggregate Information to: (a) detect problems with our computers, (b) manage our website or mobile Apps, (c) share general demographic information with Service Hosts and our advertising partners, and (d) provide our advertising partners with information regarding which viewers saw and clicked on certain advertisements on our website. Aggregate Information does not contain any personal information of any of our website visitors or mobile App users.


V- How Does the Company Use “Cookies”?

Cookies are used to identify a visitor’s repeat visits to the website, what pages are viewed, and what functionalities are used, while he or she is there. The use of cookies is pervasive among Internet providers. By themselves, Cookies cannot be utilized to locate the identity of any visitor. Unless you opt to provide us with information about you, we will never know who you are, although our computer has previously entered a cookie on your computer’s hard drive. Other companies that advertise on our website also have the ability to enter a different cookie on your computer’s hard drive in a course that we do not control. Since cookies cannot be used to identify individuals (i.e., we will not store personal information in a cookie), these advertisers will never know who you are. Further, depending on how you set your internet browser’s settings, you may have the opportunity to decide whether to accept or reject a cookie before it’s entered. Lastly, to be a registered user of our website, you must allow us to enter a cookie on your computer’s hard drive.


VI- Information Merchandising

Currently, we do not rent or sell personal information on our on-line customers to any third parties. If we are ever involved in such commerce in the future, our on-line customers will be notified beforehand by email, and will have an opportunity to opt out themselves from such lists before being included therein by return email.


VII- Data Quality and Security

We take data security seriously; protecting your personal information is a top priority.  We utilize data security systems to encrypt your personal and financial information to reduce the risk that your information will be attained by unauthorized persons. Our electronic security measures are coupled with the physical security of our facilities and limited access to a few critical areas, such as our computer locations. However, due to the increasing sophistication of computer hackers and others who would look to attack our computer systems for the purpose of stealing information, damaging our systems, or paralyzing our systems’ ability to operate effectively, to safeguard personal and financial information as intended, we make no promises as to the security of personal or financial information under our possession, or the impregnability of our computer systems under rare circumstances, or our computer system’s resilience to future complicated attacks.


VIII- When Might Information Be Submitted for Law Requirements?

We may submit personal information to unrelated parties in special cases when we have a reason to believe that disclosure is required to identify, contact, or take legal action against a person or persons who may be causing injury to, or interference with, the rights or property of the Company (including our website and mobile Apps), members accessing our website, or any third party. Further, we may submit information on individuals who access our website or mobile Apps to law enforcement agencies, judicial or government authorities, or to other individuals or entities in response to subpoenas, court orders, or other legal processes or procedures.


IX- Links To / From Other Sites

Our website contains links to other Internet websites which we do not manage, and conversely, other Internet websites may have links to our website. We have no control over, nor are we liable for the privacy policies, practices, or content of such other websites. We encourage viewers to read and know the privacy policies provided by such other websites.


X- Information of Minors

We do not direct our website, mobile Apps or our products, services, or merchandise for sale on our website or mobile Apps to children, and our website and mobile Apps do not intend to gather contact information from children under the age of 12. If you are under the age of 12, please do not email or contact us, try to use our website, mobile Apps, post information for our website, or ask us to email you. If you are under the age of 12, you should get permission from a parent or guardian before you contact our website, mobile Apps, email our website, try to use our website, mobile Apps, submit information to our website, mobile Apps, or ask us to communicate with you.


Thank you for using our site, mobile Apps and services

HiCafe Team