Private English Tutoring

Practice language with global learners

HiCafe online English tutoring services prepares students for their academic and professional futures. We offer year-round quality English language courses and a variety of supportive services for students, explorers, and business professionals. Our instructors use their deep knowledge of languages, cultures, and customs to create engaging tech-smart classes in a modern setting.

Our English tutoring services assure that everyone can practice our conversational approach in a stimulating learning environment.

Online English Tutoring Services

With affordable service fees and a network of experienced instructors, we offer English tutoring for middle and high schoolers as well as private English tutoring for adults.

It is proven time and again that one on one English tutoring is the fastest and most reliable way to master English since each individual has a different background, learning objectives and learning curves. For instance, learning course content and strategy for someone planning to migrate to the USA is different from a person whose main goal is to find a remote freelance job.

Traditional yet crowded schools are mainly focused on graduating more candidates instead of meeting the educational needs of their individual learners.

Once you are assigned to one of our experienced tutors, we will guide you step by step to achieve your academic and career goals.


English Tutoring Program Highlights

HiCafe offers one on one English tutoring services that are tailored toward students’ needs. We offer private English tutoring for all levels from beginner to advanced levels. For details, contact us today!

Here is a list of our English tutoring program main features:

  • Adherence to quality training. High attention and flexibility according to the goal and schedule of learners
  • Introducing a wide range of educational materials and resources such as: movies and series, music, books, articles, YouTube channels,
  • Specialized focus on the American accent and dialect plus mastery of native idioms and slang terms.
  • Getting to know the culture and history of America and other English-speaking countries
  • Using a combination of different methods in accordance with the language learner’s style.
  • Using special techniques to teach words and scripts, sound and music for expression and accent, and psychology and philosophy to understand the weaknesses and strengths of languages, create motivation and communicate the result.
  • Ensuring success due to training discipline, precise planning and tasks in various fields and assurance of feedback and positive outcomes.