HiCafe offers virtual and physical events where users can practice languages with other global learners on curated discussion topics in small groups. HiCafe also offers Private English Tutoring services. Currently, learners can use HiCafe APP to practice English.

All new users will receive 5 free credits to try HiCafe events for free.


English Conversations with HiCafe App

To master a language, you should practice it as much as you can with multiple partners. However, learners usually face challenges in locating partners as well as choosing and scheduling right discussion topics.

Here are 10 reasons why you should download and use HiCafe for practicing your language.

1- Search and Scheduling

Finding and scheduling meetings with language partners are often difficult. However, HiCafe offers a very simple yet powerful system for finding and scheduling your discussion sessions. While matching you with your language partner, HiCafe takes several factors into consideration like age range, language level, meeting date, time and location.

2- Language Level

To have productive discussions, your partner’s language level should be the same or higher than you. You can set your language level in the HiCafe Settings page to find partners at your level.

3- Curated Discussion Topics

The topic of discussion should be challenging enough to improve your speaking skills. As such, HiCafe uses native expert instructors to curate a variety of discussion topics covering all language levels.

4- Affordability

Offering discussions in small groups of 4 or 6 people, HiCafe allows learners to pay only a fraction of fees that are currently charged by the private tutors or institutes. Also, HiCafe uses a credit-based payment system where you need to have at least 3 credits to join an event. However, instead of refund, users can transfer their unused credits to other users in HiCafe.

5- Native Speakers

Most meetings in HiCafe are hosted or moderated by global native speakers. Joining a discussion meeting with a native host will boost learners’ confidence and skills.

6- Global Community

To have the most effective speaking practice, you should converse with global learners with different backgrounds, gender, dialect and culture. Also, exposure to international learners will help you better understand language idioms while boosting your listening skills.

7- Crypto Community

Not only does HiCafe accept crypto for its payments, but also it is planning to offer its own native token to its learners in near future.

8- Flexible Event Locations

HiCafe offers virtual events at several time zones as well as physical events in multiple countries.

9- Teen to Adult Age

Since HiCafe matches meetings’ participants based on the same age range, from teenagers to adult users can harness its power for practicing language while providing users with more safe events.

10- Event Attendent Gender

HiCafe allows its users to attend all same gender or mixed gender events. Those users who prefer to practice with same gender event participants will find HiCafe very useful.

How HiCafe App Works

Only 4 easy steps:

  1. Download our iOS or Android App & Signup with WhatsApp.
  2. Add credits to your account.
  3. Request an event.
  4. Go to your event.

To learn more about HiCafe App, watch our How-to videos and read our FAQ articles


English Tutoring Services

HiCafe online English tutoring services prepares students for their academic and professional futures. We offer year-round quality English language courses and a variety of supportive services for students, explorers, and business professionals. Our instructors use their deep knowledge of languages, cultures, and customs to create engaging tech-smart classes in a modern setting.