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Learn English Onto Preposition

Grammar Prepositions- Lesson Forty Seven

In this grammar lesson, you learn about Onto preposition in English and how to use it in your English conversation and writing. Just follow examples and write them down a few times to learn them very well. After finishing this lesson, you should work on its quiz.

Grammar Recap

In our previous lesson, we covered the On Top Of If you just landed on this page, we suggest that you complete our previous lesson including its quizzes before continuing on this lesson.

Requirement Lessons

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1. This cougar jumped onto a tree limb to get a better view of the area. cougar
2. Kids in Minnesota get onto the ice as soon as the lakes freeze in the winter. girl skating
3. This professor decided to put his lectures onto the internet so that more people could hear his ideas. onto

4. He’s onto his next meeting.

(onto = going to)

5. The waves are crashing onto the beach.

6. She has some very interesting ideas about making cars safer and cleaner. I think she’s onto something.

(onto something = a person has a great idea.)


7. He jumped onto the handlebars of his bike and rode it backwards.
8. This group of people from The Corner Bar got onto a conference bike and went for a ride.

9. He’s trying to fool her, but she’s onto him.

(onto a person/people = know someone is going to try to do something sneaky, funny, or mean.)


10. He’s a very quick worker. He finished his last project early, and now he’s already onto his next assignment.

“onto” is similar to “on” but not exactly the same.


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