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Grammar Pronoun- Lesson Fourteen

In this grammar lesson, you learn about No One Pronoun in English and how to use it in your English conversation and writing. Just follow examples and write them down a few times to learn them very well. After finishing this lesson, you should work on its quiz.

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no one and nobody

(indefinite pronouns)


subject object possessive adjective possessive pronoun reflexive pronoun

no one nobody


no one nobody

no one’s nobody’s


no one’s nobody’s



Use “no one” or “nobody” when describing the absence of people or when exaggerating a very small number of people.

subject = no one or nobody

No one is in the classroom.
There’s nobody here.


no one / nobody

No one visits this gallery.

This is an exaggeration. Actually, some people visit, but it’s a very small number.
No one in gallery

Is no one home?
Is there nobody inside?


While it’s possible to ask questions with “no one” or “nobody,” it can sound a little strange. It’s better to use “anyone” or “anybody” in this case.

No one is home.


object = no one or nobody

Tom told nobody about his new car.
He wants no one to know until next week.

You can also say, “Tom didn’t tell anybody about his new car.”


possessive adjective = no one’s or nobody’s

A: Whose fault is it that the boat tipped over?
It’s nobody’s fault. The wind did it.


possessive pronoun = no one’s or nobody’s

A: Whose piece of pie is this?
B: It’s nobody’s. You can have it.


reflexive pronoun = 0



1. There’s really no difference in meaning between the words “no one” and “nobody,” but “no one” is two words while “nobody” is one word.

2. Don’t use negative verbs with “no one” or “nobody.” This creates a double negative, which is commonly heard in American English, but it is a mistake.

I didn’t see nobody in the store. (incorrect)
I saw nobody in the store. (correct)

I didn’t see anybody in the store. (correct)
There ain’t nobody here. (incorrect)

Nobody is here. (correct)
There isn’t anybody here. (correct)

3. The ‘s is used for contractions and for possessive forms.

Nobody’s home.
(nobody’s = nobody is)

This is no one’s business but mine.
(no one’s = possessive adjective)

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Exercise 14

Fill in the blanks with….

no one no one’s

1. __________ watching.

2. __________ is at home.

3. This belongs to __________.

4. I answered the phone, but __________ was there.

5. Whose is this? It’s __________.

6. __________ knows the answer.

7. __________ got time.

8. This is __________ fault.

9. __________ wants to see that movie.

10. The question was directed at __________ in particular.


Answers: 1. No one’s; 2. No one; 3. no one; 4. no one; 5. no one’s; 6. No one; 7. No one’s; 8. no one’s; 9. No one; 10. no one.

Answers 5 and 8 are possessive.

Answers 1 and 7 are contractions.


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