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Learn English Need Past Tense Grammar

Grammar Level 1- Lesson Thirty Three

In this grammar lesson, you learn about Need Past Tense in English and how to use it in your English conversation and writing. Just follow examples and write them down a few times to learn them very well. After finishing this lesson, you should work on its quiz.

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Need Past Tense

I needed _______
You needed _____
He needed _____
She needed _____
It needed _____

We needed _____
You needed ______
They needed _____

The verb “need” requires an object or an infinitive after it:
I needed a nap this afternoon. (The word “nap” is an object.)
You needed something to drink. (The word “something” is an object.)
The kids needed to eat. (“To eat ” is an infinitive.)

The verb Need in the Past Tense – Negative

I didn’t need _____
You didn’t need ____
He didn’t need____
She didn’t need ____
It didn’t need ____

We didn’t need ____
You didn’t need ____
They didn’t need ____

Remember: You must have an object or an infinitive after “need.”
The car didn’t need any gas. (The word “gas” is a noun that functions as an object in this sentence.)
They didn’t need to stay longer. (“To stay ” is an infinitive.)
The plants didnt need any more water. (The word “need” is often used with things. They didn’t need any more water.)

The verb “need” is often used in questions:
What did you need from the store?
Did you need to use my computer?
Did they need any money?
Why did he need to see a doctor?

Examples for the use of the verb Need in the Past Tense
A: What did the baby need?
B: He needed his bottle.
or ….
B: He needed to drink some milk.

A: Did you need any more coffee?
B: Yes, I needed another cup.
B: Yes, I did.

A: What did they need to get from the store?
B: They needed to get some bread.
A: How much did they need?
B: They needed one loaf.

Directions: Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verb “need” in the past tense.
What _______they _________ ?
They ________ some boxes.
______ he ________ any water?
I ________ ________ the sugar. (negative)
Who _________ the hammer?
The dog __________ more food.
We ________ _________ any help. (negative)
What time ________ you ________ the package?
________ she _________ to work today?
Her mother ________ _________ to leave the hospital. (negative)

(Answers: 1. did….need; 2. needed; 3. Did….need; 4. didn’t need; 5. needed; 6. needed; 7. didn’t need; 8. did…. need; 9. Did….need; 10. didn’t need)


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