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Grammar Level 1- Lesson Five

In this fifth grammar lesson, you learn about This That These Those in English and how to use it in your English conversation and writing. Just follow examples and write them down a few times to learn them very well. After finishing this lesson, you should work on its quiz.

Grammar Recap

In our previous lesson, we covered the Nouns And Pronouns If you just landed on this page, we suggest that you complete our previous lesson including its quizzes before continuing on this lesson.

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this / that / these / those


A thing or a person is
This = singular


A thing or a person is
That = singular


Things or people are
These = plural


Things or people are
Those = plural

Close = x…y
pencil in my hand is yellow.

pencils are not very sharp.
Far = x…………………………y
That car across the street is red.
Those cars in the parking lot are white.

Write by hand

Take these stairs to get to those buildings.
That red building in the middle of this picture is very tall.

“That” is often contracted with the singular form of the verb “be”
That is a window. = That’s a window.

That is my brother, Tom. = That’s my brother, Tom.

“That’s” usually sounds much better than to say, “That is.”

“That” can’t be contracted in the plural form: That’re (no!)

This, these, and those can’t take contractions.

Quiz for This That These Those

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In our next lesson, we will cover the There Before moving to the next lesson, we suggest that you complete this lesson including its quizzes.

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