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Grammar Level 1- Lesson Thirty One

In this grammar lesson, you learn about Would Like in English and how to use it in your English conversation and writing. Just follow examples and write them down a few times to learn them very well. After finishing this lesson, you should work on its quiz.

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Would Like

I would like ____
You would like _____
He would like _____
She would like _____
It would like _____

We would like _____
You would like ______
They would like _____

would like = want

The verb “would like” requires an object, a gerund, or an infinitive after it:
I would like a bagel. (The word “bagel” is an object.)
He’d like a new job. (The word “job” is an object. Notice that the subject and “would” are contracted to form “He’d.” This is very common.)
They’d like a new dog. (The word “dog” is an object.)
They’d like to get a new dog. (“To get” is an infinitive.)

Most people make a contraction with the subject and “would.”
I would like a burrito = I’d like a burrito.
She would like to make a call. = She’d like to make a call.

Would Like in the Present Tense – Negative

I wouldn’t like _____
You wouldn’t like ____
He wouldn’t like ____
She wouldn’t like ____
It wouldn’t like ____

We wouldn’t like ____
You wouldn’t like ____
They wouldn’t like ____

Remember: You must have an object after “would like.”
You can also use a gerund after “would like.”
You wouldn’t like living there. (“Living” is a gerund.)
He probably wouldn’t like the food.
They wouldn’t like doing that kind of work. (“Doing” is a gerund.)
Note: Using “would like” in the negative is not always an easy thing to do. This expresses an opinion about a person that might not be true.

Would Like Questions
These questions are made with “would like.”
would like = do want
What would you like on your pizza?
Would you like to go out tonight?
Would they like to go to the park?
What time would you like to leave?
How many pieces of chicken would you like?

Here are some examples for asking and answering questions with “would like.”
A: What would she like to do some day?
B: She’d like to become a professional photographer
(She’d = She would)

A: Would he like to improve his English?
B: Yes, he would. (or…)
B: Yes, he would like that very much.

A: What would she like to do today?
B: She’d like to read some books.


Directions: Fill in the blanks with “would” and “like.”

1- What _______ you _________ to eat?
2- I ________ _________ a hot dog.
3- What ________ she ________?

4- ________ you _________ some ketchup?
5- She ________ ________ some french fries.
6- How _________ you __________ your steak?
7- I _________ _________ it well done.
8- Your parents __________ _________ that. (negative)
9- Tom _________ _________ living in Arizona. (negative)
10- They _________ __________ to watch Movies.

(Answers: 1. would….like; 2. would like; 3. would…like; 4. Would….like ; 5. would….like; 6. would like; 7. would like; 8. wouldn’t like; 9. wouldn’t like;  10. would like)

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