Learn English idioms step by step- part 1
HiCafe learn & practice English idioms part 1

We have researched and gathered the most common English idioms that are used by native speakers on a daily basis from Idioms Organizer book by Jon Wright. This book has organized idioms by metaphors,topics and keywords. The popular English idioms that are covered in the book are in 4 parts (sorted based on topics) and are mostly used by both British and American people. We suggest that you learn and practice English idioms daily like learning 5 idioms per day. Also, use these idioms in your conversation or speaking exercises as much as you can.


Overview of Idiom Part 1

The first part of our idioms covers the areas of English metaphor. Some ideas are small and very specific. Other ideas are big. They bring many related ideas to mind. For example, we all know what a coin is. It is a small piece of metal which we use to pay for things. It is a part of a much bigger idea called Money. When we think of money we think of saving it, earning it, wasting it, spending it, being generous with it, being mean with it. Money is a bigger idea than coins or bank checks. When we use a common metaphor like time is money, we know what we mean. Many of the words we use with money, we also use with time. Here are a few examples:


  • You have time to spare.
  • You waste time.
  • You spend time doing something.
  • You run out of time.
  • You save time.


In part 1 of our idioms, you will learn about 12 important metaphors (listed below) which cover major areas of English.



Common English Idioms- Next

In our next common English idiom lesson, we cover the part below:

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