Idioms on Time is Money
idioms about Time is Money

This is lesson 1 from Idiom Part 1. Each idiom is followed by its definition and examples. After you learn them, you can use them in your daily conversation.


English Idiom Part 1- Lesson 1

1- A waste of time (as noun) = A bad use of time or spending time on doing useless or unnecessary things

40 minutes waiting for a bus! What a waste of time!


2- Waste time (as verb) = The same as #1

Do not waste time on applying for this job, your chances are 1 to million.

I wasted so much of my precious time on applying to the wrong jobs.


3- Save time = Reducing time needed for doing something

In this rush hour, by using the subway, we can save lots of time. 


4- Spend time = Using time on doing something

it is better to spend your time and energy on things that are aligned with your career goals.


5- Make time for = to set aside time for doing something

We should make time for reading good books.


6- Plenty of time = A lot of time available

No hurry, the bus leaves in 20 minutes. We have plenty of time at hand.


7- Spare time (as noun) = Free time or leisure time

In my spare time, I read books on philosophy.


8- Spare time (as verb) = Asking for a short time break to do something quickly

I like to discuss something important, can you spare 1 minute to talk about it.


9- Ran out of time = To have a lack or shortage of time for doing something

In my final exam, I ran out of time and just could not answer 3 questions.


10- Short of time = lack of having enough time to finish something

Due to the shortage of time, we have to cancel our next meeting.

Though we have 20 days to finish this project, we are short of time, so we need to hurry.


11- Afford time = to have enough money or time for something

Not anyone can afford the time to take a one month vacation.


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