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HiCafe has gathered the most common English phrases that are used by native speakers on a daily basis. The popular English phrases that are covered in the lessons below (sorted in an alphabetical order.) are mostly American English phrases. We suggest that you learn and practice English phrases daily like learning 5 phrases per day. Also, use these phrases in your conversation or speaking exercises as much as you can.



Private Lessons in English

If you need help with using phrases in your speaking or just looking for an online English conversation tutor for practicing English conversation, you can hire one of our expert private English teachers by going to our English Conversation Tutor page and submit a request. When submitting your request, make sure to mention the conversation level.


Related English Skills

You can use the phrases you learned in our lessons to improve your conversation and listening skills. To practice phrases you learned, you can follow our English conversation lessons step by step or practice our English listening lessons. Also, you can visit the below lessons to learn more English phrases and expressions: