Learn English idioms step by step- part 2
HiCafe learn & practice English idioms part 2

Common English Idioms- Recap

In our previous common English idiom lessons, we cover the parts below. It is highly recommended to read our part 1 idioms before moving to part 2.


Overview of Idiom Part 2

In part 2 of our idioms, you will learn many more individual metaphors that are used in daily English conversations. By going through the areas covered, you come to appreciate why idioms are a very important part of English speaking. Here are a few areas with examples:


  • Animals: I smell a rat!
  • The body: I’ve put my foot in it, I’m afraid.
  • Building: You’re banging your head against a brick wall.
  • Cats: That is to set the cat among the pigeons.
  • Clothes: It fits like a glove.
  • Colors: He went as white as a sheet.
  • Driving: I’m going to take a back seat from now on.


Below is the list of idioms covered in our part 2:


Common English Idioms- Next

In our next common English idiom lesson, we cover the part below:

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