Learn English idioms step by step- part 4
HiCafe learn & practice English idioms part 4

Common English Idioms- Recap

In our previous common English idiom lessons, we cover the parts below. It is highly recommended to read our part 1, 2, 3 idioms before moving to part 4.


Overview of Idiom Part 4

Part 4 organizes English idioms by key words. Some of these words are among the most common in English like thing,way, and, of, etc. It is interesting that the key words used here are words which, in themselves, have very little meaning. Some of them are important grammatical words like of, and, to. They are all very common in different kinds of idiomatic expressions. Here are some examples:


  • all: I suspected him all along.
  • and: It’s touch and go.
  • end: There’s been no end of trouble.
  • half: That’s half the battle.
  • like: I slept like a log.
  • line: You’ve got to draw the line somewhere.
  • no: We got there in no time.
  • of: That was a stroke of luck.
  • point: Let’s get straight to the point.
  • side: We’ll leave early just to be on the safe side.
  • nothing: It was nothing to write home about.
  • thing: It’s a thing of the past.
  • way: We went out of our way to help.


Here is the list of idioms of part 4.


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