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This is lesson 10 from Idiom Part 1. Each idiom is followed by its definition and examples. After you learn them, you can use them in your daily conversation.


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English Idiom Part 1- Lesson 10

1- A lot of turbulence= a lot of change and variation in price and market

There is a lot of turbulence in financial markets at present.


2- Soft landing= when economy is able to bring inflation down

Despite the present difficulties, economists think the British economy will make a soft landing in the autumn.


3-  Free-fall= uncontrollable fall in the value of sth

Reports show a free-fall in housing prices.


4- On schedule= at the planned and expected time

All three projects were completed on schedule and within budget.


5- Going through the roof= increase

There is a fear that interest rates will go through the roof.


6- Regain control= to gain back control over sth

The government has regained control over the cryptocurrency markets.


7- Cimb out of=  to get out of sth

Japan has proposed an aid package to help Asian economies climb out of recession.


8- Plunging= decreasing by a large amount

Several Asian currencies are plunging to their lowest levels this year.


9- Back on course= likely to succeed

After 6 months of recession, the market is back on course.


10- Soaring= a quick increase

The price of petrol has soared in recent weeks.


11- Nosedive = a sharp fall in economy

Employees had panicked as profits nosedive.


12- To get off the the ground= to start to succeed

The rescue plan never really got off the ground. 


13- On collision course=  doing things that lead to serious disagreement

The Bank of England is on a collision course with the industry.


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