Idioms on Moods are Weather

This is lesson 7 from Idiom Part 1. Each idiom is followed by its definition and examples. After you learn them, you can use them in your daily conversation.


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English Idiom Part 1- Lesson 7

1- Storming in= To enter angrily

It was obvious that Charles was angry. He came storming into the room


2- To be under a cloud= To be under suspicion or lose respect and credit

Matilda left under a cloud. Someone found out that she had been stealing from the company.


3- Breezing in= To enter calmly and confidently

Peter breezed in this morning because Mary had said yes to his proposal.


4- A warm welcome= A friendly welcome

We were given a warm welcome in my friend’s house.


5- To be frosty= To be Unfriendly

Sebastian gave the new student a frosty look.


6- Looking gloomy= Looking sad

Her boss kept asking why she was looking so gloomy last week.


7- To be hazy= To be confused

My grandfather was all hazy when he wanted to use a smartphone.


8- To brighten up=  To become more happy or excited

She will soon brighten up when I tell her about our trip to London.


9- Under the weather= to feel sick or unwell

Today I am feeling a bit under the weather, I guess it is allergy.


10- To be a shower= To be stupid or lazy

My students never do their homework. They really are a shower!


11- To warm Up= To begin to like or to become enjoyable

The Party soon warmed up when Alex arrived.


Note: To warm (someone or something) up, means to exercise or practice in order to prepare for something that takes a lot of effort. For example, The coach was warming football players up with a few light exercises or you can just warm up the leftovers from yesterday’s food in the microwave.


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