Idioms on Seeing is Understanding
idioms about Seeing is Understanding

This is lesson 3 from Idiom Part 1. Each idiom is followed by its definition and examples. After you learn them, you can use them in your daily conversation.


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English Idiom Part 1- Lesson 3

1- Open your eyes = Be aware of something

She told me something that opened my eyes.


2- See the point = Understand the importance of something

They couldn’t see the point of more training.


3- Lose sight of = Forget

He has lost sight of why I helped him.


4- Clear up the misunderstanding = To find satisfactory explanation for something

I want to clear up any misunderstanding about what I wrote in the article.


5- Short-sighted view = Lack of proper or careful judgements about the future.

It’s very short-sighted of the government to do such a thing.


6- Look through someone’s eyes = Consider it or do something from someone’s point of view.

She failed to fix the problem by not looking through his eyes.


7- As clear as mud = Not easy to understand

His instructions were as clear as mud.


8- Eyes wide open = Full knowledge of problems or difficulties you likely to have

To finish a project successfully, It’s necessary to have backup plans to make your eyes wide open.


9- Point of view = Attitude

Why can’t you ever see my point of view?


10- Eye-opener = A surprising information that broadens your perspective on a subject

The visit to the city’s slums was an eye-opener for the students.


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