American slang words - letter U
American Slang word starting with letter U

Slang Beginning with U

In this lesson, we cover essential American slang starting with letter U with examples. In general, slang are used mostly in casual street talks among Americans such that even international (non-native) speakers living in the USA can not understand them. Thus, you may use slang in your daily casual conversations especially with Americans. Just be careful and do NOT use slang in formal conversations like job interviews or business meetings.

Slang Recap

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Word of the Day: U & V


umpteen: an indefinite, large number. (also, umpteenth when used as an ordinal number)

Please, for the umpteenth time–clean up after yourself!


Uncle Sam: the United States government.

If you don’t pay taxes to Uncle Sam by April 15, you’ll have to pay a penalty.


underground: something unconventional or unknown to the general population.

I listened to a lot of underground music when I was in my twenties.


unreal: hard to believe; something amazing.

We got so much snow last night it’s unreal.


up against the wall: in a difficult situation.

Melvin lost his job, and now he’s really up against the wall because he has to pay his rent and he doesn’t have any money.


up and up: honest; truthful.

That salesperson doesn’t seem to be very up and up. We should go to a different car dealer.


up for grabs: available to the first person who wants it or tries to get it.

There’s a bike down the street that’s up for grabs. It has a big sign on it that says, “free.”


up in the air: unknown; unplanned;

Our plans for the weekend are still up in the air.


up to here: as much as one can tolerate; an expression of anger or unhappiness with a situation or a person.

I’ve had it up to here with your complaining. Stop it!


up to speed: informed; knowledgeable; up to date.

After a two-week vacation, it took Yolanda a few days to get back up to speed at work.


veg: to do nothing (related to the word “vegetable).

All they want to do on the weekend is sit in front of the TV and veg.


veggie: vegetable.

If you eat a lot of veggies, you’ll live a long healthy life.


vibe: an emotional feeling or reaction, usually from a person.

Stay away from the boss today. He’s sending out a lot of bad vibes.


vid: video

Nice vid! Did you do all the work on it yourself?


VIP: abbreviation for “very important person.”

The VIPs were allowed to get into the nightclub first while everyone else had to wait and stand in line.


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