American slang words - letter Q
American Slang word starting with letter Q

Slang Beginning with Q

In this lesson, we cover essential American slang starting with letter Q with examples. In general, slang are used mostly in casual street talks among Americans such that even international (non-native) speakers living in the USA can not understand them. Thus, you may use slang in your daily casual conversations especially with Americans. Just be careful and do NOT use slang in formal conversations like job interviews or business meetings.

Slang Recap

In our previous lesson, we covered American Slang Beginning with N.


Word of the Day: Q


queen: a man who dresses and acts like a woman (also, drag queen).

At first Harold thought the drag queen on the corner was a woman, but then he realized it was really a man.


queer: a person who is gay; something that is unusual.

Tom thought that Reginald was only kidding when he said he was queer, but he wasn’t kidding.


quick: smart.

She’s not too quick, is she?


quick-witted: smart and able to think of funny or intelligent things to say very quickly.

Bill Tom is a quick-witted television talk-show host. Conan O’Brien is also very quick-witted.


quick and dirty: fast but not high quality.

George Bush’s approach to combating terrorism in the world has been quick and dirty without considering the consequences of world opinion.


quick-fix: a fast approach to solving a problem, sometime it’s only temporary.

Tax rebates are a quick fix for helping the economy, but in the long-term Americans have to learn how to save more money.


quickie: something that happens very quickly, sometimes a drink, a game, or a sexual experience.

Let’s go to near bar for a quickie before going home. (an alcoholic drink)


quits: to stop doing something.

She doesn’t know when to call it quits. Instead, she works long hours at the expense of her social life.


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